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MicroMini™ Stage Features

General Application

MANUAL Linear Stages
The MM-1,-2,-3 manual linear stages are designed for top loads ranging from under 0.17 kg to 0.5 kg and low moment loads under 12 oz-in.

Slide System
Hardened precision dowels are preloaded against the slider. The low-load requirements of the stage allow a spring-action, preloaded, positive slider seating.

Return Preload Spring
The standard manual stages have a simple return spring and moving lead screw. Although limited in travel, there is the benefit of built in anti-backlash.

MOTORIZED Linear Stages
-ST motor stages have a simple return spring and moving lead screw. Although limited in travel, there is the benefit of built in anti-backlash.

Fixed Lead Screw Thru Slider
The Folded and Extended motor stages have a fixed lead screw passing through a tapped section in the slider.

Clearance between the tapped hole and the lead screw gives a degree of backlash in slider motion. It also affects linearity of motion (in -F and -EX stages).

Anti-Backlash High Linearity
A radially preload-seating tapped lead hole module is provided for more stringent requirements. The effect of this system is near 0 backlash, along with maximum linearity, repeatability, and homing consistency.

Load Bearing Consideration
The amount of preload determines the load bearing capacity. When the preload is overcome by excessive load, the slider-rail seating is disturbed making overload errors easy to detect. Stage damage does not occur at this point. Simple formulae are provided for quick, or detailed load analysis. A larger MM-4M stage is provided as a base to better carry the weights of additional axes, thus improving the end load capacity.

Slider velocity is determined by the torque and speed of the motor, along with the gearhead ratio. It is limited by the slider drag force along with the lead screw drag from an anti-backlash module (if used). In order to increase speed without violating accuracy, the "drag" forces may be reduced, but with a consequential decrease in load capacity.

A selection of optional braces (BR) offers extra rigidity and crash protection for stages in vulnerable positions, as the slide elements are not designed to withstand pressure or twist. The cushioned "ears" on one slide of the slider will begin to yield, then the brace will engage before damage takes place. Braces add some weight and must be counted as load.

Multi-Axis Versatility
All similar series manual and motorized stages are compatible for quick, multi-axis connection using standard English screws.

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