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Manual Stages

MM-3GF Series

Manual MicroMini™ Stage


  • 3D models available soon
  • Anti-Backlash Lead Screw/Nut Assembly
  • Supplied with hex wrench adjuster
  • Precision 80 TPI (Threads Per Inch) Lead Screw Adjustment
  • X-Y configuration uses 42 mm radius for X-axis and 25 mm radius for Y-axis
  • Built in Connectivity with all MM-3 MicroMini™ Stages
  • Fully English/Metric compatible

Goniometers are used to achieve precision angular position of an object about a fixed point located above the center of the mounting surface. Typical use would be for precision alignment of fiber optics and for beam steering applications.

When ordering multi-axis units the completed assembly will include all necessary braces, kits and hardware


  • Load capacity:0.45 kg (Direct top load)
  • Angular Travel: ±0.175 rad
  • Body Size: 66 x 19 x 21.6 (mm)
  • Table Radius: 25 mm & 42 mm
  • Center of Rotation: 14.2 mm & 32 mm


  • Sensitivity: 1-2 µrad (211 µrad per lead screw turn) Zero-Backlash Drive System

View 2-axis Goniometer Stack Common Point Rotation

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3D models available

NOTE: Speed, resolution, anti-backlash and vacuum features will not be a factor in CAD models.


View Schematic

View Schematic

Model No.
Radius: 25 (mm) 42 (mm)
Travel: ±0.175 rad nominal ±0.175 rad nominal
Sensitivity: (per lead screw rotation) 211.4 µrad 211.4 µrad
Center of Rotation: (from top surface) 14.2 (mm) 32 (mm)
Moment Load: 6 to 12 oz-in
(42 to 84 mNm)
6 to 12 oz-in
(42 to 84 mNm)

Direct top Load: 0.45 kg (16 oz) 0.45 kg (16 oz)
Pitch: 6 oz-in (42 mNm) 6 oz-in (42 mNm)
Roll: 6 oz-in (42 mNm) 6 oz-in (42 mNm)
Yaw: 12 oz-in (84 mNm) 12 oz-in (84 mNm)

Dimensions: L x W x H, not including lead screw extension
Model No.
-X Single Stage 66 x 19.1 x 21.6* (mm) 66 x 19.1 x 21.6* (mm)
Weight: 38 g 38 g
-XY (2 axis) 66 x 19.1 x 43.2* (mm) 66 x 19.1 x 43.2* (mm)
Weight: 77 g 77 g

*At full extended height

The information contained on this website is subject to change without notice. Critical dimensions or specifications should be verified with our technical support staff.

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