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Stage Controller




  • Fully compatible with all MicroMini™ stages
  • Compatible with National Instruments 7342 & 7344 series controllers
  • 110 VAC 60 Hz/220 VAC 50/60 Hz operation
  • Built-in limit-sensing logic
  • Front panel axis fault lights
  • Axis enable switches with illuminated status lights
  • Compact design


  • Versatile multiple-controller interface
  • On-board encoder conditioning
  • Joystick Input
  • Linear Encoder Inputs (Differential)
  • Auxiliary I/O connector for ease of wiring
  • Easily accessible rear panel mounted fuses
  • 19" Rack Mountable or Desktop Design
  • Fully LabVIEW™ by National Instruments compatible

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The MC-4SA is a multi-axis motor drive amplification system designed for use in systems where low power micro motors are required for a particular application.

The MC-4SA was designed for interfaceability to the National Instruments™ 7342 & 7344 series controllers. The MC-4SA interface connectors allow versatile connectivity based on the application and controller being used. All 4 axes may be accessed through a single cable.

Simple Connectivity

All of the difficult interfacing problems have been taken out of the hands of the user. For example; setup is simple; connect one end of the 68 conductor cable to the controller and the other to the MC-4SA, plug in your Mico-Mini™ stage and you are ready! No external power supply connections, no multi-wire motor connectons.

The MC-4SA also features a number of built-in protective devices and signal enhancement circuits such as;

  • Supply Rail Monitoring (SRM)
  • System status monitoring
  • Kickless Balanced Power Supply
  • Encoder conditioning
  • Reversible motor polarity

National Aperture, Inc. can provide custom electronic and mechanical design services in order to integrate the MC-4SA into your application.

  • AC Power input (User-selectable): 110/220 VAC
  • Motor control input voltage: ±10 Vdc across 300 K ohms
  • Encoder supply voltage: +5 Vdc
  • Max output power (Standard): 6 watts
  • Output voltage range: ±12 Vdc
  • Slew range: 8 V/µS, max
  • Voltage gain (Av): 1.2
  • Standard Cabling:
    • CA10-10-3: 3ft. motor extension cable
    • CA10-10-6: 6ft. motor extension cable
    • CA10-10-9: 9ft. motor extension cable
    • 186381-02: 6ft. controller amplifier interface cable
    • Call for information on additional lengths





Single or Dual Axis Manual Positioning Control for the MC-4SA Amplifier


  • Manually adjust linear or rotary position without writing any software
  • Just plug it in and you are ready for precision positioning
  • Integrated 2-speed control; standard jog and accelerated jog
  • Integrated Dual Axis Positioning System for use on the MC-4SA amplifier
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Rubber "feet" on base for easy, stable surface placement
  • Package includes all cabling and sample joystock software for end user development

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