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Stage Controller

USB Stick Drive

Single Axis


  • Powered directly from the USB port with no additional power supply needed
  • Miniaturized single axis USB stick controller for micro-positioning
  • Designed for use with the National Apperture MM-1M series miniature linear stages, and other low voltage servo motors. Its intended use is for motors up to 4.5 V DC with maximum 200 mA current drain.


  • Dimensions (mm): 51 x 19 x 10
  • Control Loops: P-term, I-term, D-term
  • Parameters Control: Position, Velocity, Acceleration, and Torque
  • Computer Interface: Standard USB
  • Resolution: Down to 0.004 µm depending upon the encoder used
  • Networkable: Optionally
  • Inputs and Outputs: Digital and analog inputs and outputs for conversions and data acquisition. Maximum motor drive voltage is 4.5 V.
  • Power Requirements: No external power needed, use 5 V USB BUS
  • Software: Visual Basic™, LabVIEW™ Drivers and DEMO Software (all included)
Visual Basic Screen LabVIEW Screen

Plug and Go
Just plug it in to the USB port on your computer

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