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Stage Controller




  • Unit includes both motion controller and amplifier (no external amplifier required)
  • Programmable current limits
  • RS-232 connectivity (direct or via available multi-port USB to serial converter)
  • RoHS compliant

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  • Easy-to-use configuration software with radio buttons and drop down selections
  • RS-232 null modem cable
  • Front panel On/Off switch, fuse, and power-on LED for each axis
  • Front panel accessible fuses for each axis
  • 19-inch Rack-Mount Option available
  • Full support for NAI's "Motion Console" 4-axis "out-of-the-box" motion control software
  • Low-profile design
  • Shielded country-specific power cord
  • 15 V switching power supply
  • 3-foot extension ribbon cable (10-conductor) for attachment to NAI stages
  • Fuses (2-each) 0.25 Amp, 0.5 Amp, 1 Amp and 6 Amp
  • CD containing evaluation version of "IMS Motion Console" motion control software
  • CD Including:
    • National Aperture, Inc. MC-CQ-4X User Manual
    • Motion Manager Configuration Software
    • MCDC Motion Controller Instruction Manual

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Motion Control/Amplifier System

The RoHS compliant MC-CQ-4X Motion Control System is a PWM motor controller designed to drive National Aperture, Inc. MM series motorized stage and other systems utilizing DC brush type motors with single ended quadrature AB encoders.

The MC-CQ-4X incorporates four MCDC-series motor controllers and provides connectivity and packaging suitable for ease of use and rapid deployment in desktop, bench top and industrial automation applications.

The MC-CQ-4X integrates seamlessly with IMS Motion Console software, eliminating the need for software development in many applications incorporating one to four axes of motion so your system is up and running in minutes.

IMS Motion Console

Setting a new standard in automation interface software, IMS Motion Console gives you the power to command your system's operation instantly, with no programming. Whether you're pushing the frontiers of scientific research or integrating precision industrial systems, Motion Console delivers the features that get you effortlessly connected to your objectives.

For use with NAI MC-CQ motion controllers, the Motion Console architecture seamlessly integrates the motion controller and drive electronics, communication hardware, motors, stages, cameras and human machine interface devices that used to require weeks of integration effort.

With Motion Console, multi-axis position sequences may be executed directly from the embedded spreadsheet by entering position data and clicking the run button. Additional spreadsheet columns may be configured to hold sequence timing and flow control commands as well as serial communication transmission and response data, providing control not just of motion hardware but of a virtually unlimited range of RS-232 and RS-485 devices.

Motion Console includes a four axis wireless or wired joystick control interface, a video interface for DirectShow and DCAM compatible cameras, powerful and easy to use system configuration capabilities, an optional API and a variety of other features that come together to make system automation easier than you ever thought it could be.

A fully functional 30 day trial version of Motion Console for Windows XP and 2000 is available for download and may be operated with motion controller hardware or without it using Motion Console's included and reconfigured motion controller simulators.

Plug and Play

Plug and play wireless and wired USB control pads interface with IMS Motion Console software and provide configurable multi-range speed control and configurable joystick response curves for four axes of motion. Position storage and recall and spreadsheet navigation and execution are also available via control pads. Plug and play USB to serial converters provide additional RS-232 serial ports when needed for single or multi-axis applications. These converters provide easy setup and proven reliable performance.

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