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Manual Stages

Accessories for the MM-1 Series

Our Smallest Manual MicroMini™ Stage

3D models available


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AP1-3-XY: Adapter Plate for mounting MM-1X on top of MM-1R, MM-2X & MM-3X (XY)

AP4-1 Adapter Plate: A multi-position mounting plate to interface with standard optical tables and accessories, or to stabilize free-standing stages.

KIT-XY-1 MM-1-XY Connection Screw Kit: Contains two, 0-80 connecting screws utilizing two tap clearance holes in slider to connect two MM-1 stages into an XY configuration.

KIT-Z-1: Z-Brace and Screw Kit for XZ configuration.

PA-1 Pinhole Adapter: Adapter and hardware to mount 0.375" dia. pinhole or slit substrates to stage.

PM-1: Adapter plate to mount MM-1 to breadboard post #8 or M4

SS-1 Headless Adjusting Lead Screw: This custom designed lead screw replaces the standard thumb screw. It provides full linear travel while reducing the length of the stage by 0.4 inch (10.6 mm).

TG-1 Thumb Grip: Thumb Grip for sensitive adjustment and may alternately be used as a locking nut.

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Manual Stages